InPlanet Hosts Our First Farming Community Event In Brazil

February 18, 2024
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On September 16th 2023, InPlanet hosted its first Community Event in São Pedro, Brazil - a gathering of farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as the entire InPlanet Team gathered for the first time from across Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean. It was an enriching and festive gathering that deepened the company’s relationships with the regenerative agricultural community of Brazil and amplified everyone’s resolve to create a lasting impact. 

Founders Niklas Kluger and Felix Harteneck presented a brief introduction to the company, about the need for carbon removal, and the crucial role that agriculture in Brazil plays. The COO and CEO (respectively) also shared a major announcement, which is the scale-up plan of InPlanet, aimed at being the first company to remove 1 Million Tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

The agricultural stakeholders who presented following this were united in their commitment to take the ideas of carbon removal and soil remineralisation to their neighbours and friends. These specifically were: 

Abrefen / BK Mineração - Wellington Dal Bem
AgroBizão - Antonio Bizão Junior
- Diego Siqueira
Grupo Bandeirantes
- Augusto Leopoldinho (was not present at the event though!)
SOZO Britas
Vilmar and Eduardo Sozo

The partners on stage shared their passion for rock powders and their partnership with InPlanet. Everyone expressed the belief that there is an enormous potential in collaborating and spreading rock powder to reach the first Megaton of Carbon Dioxide Removal in Brazil quickly. 

The following farmers were also present at the event: Dr. Celso Brix (Fazenda Bom Retiro), Diego Mendes (Sítio PNP), Carlos Malagutti (Fazenda Sertaneja), Pinduca (Fazenda Cabreúva), Amanda Janaína Romão and Dona Antonia Custódio, 2 farmers from the assentamento in Descalvado. They shared their passion for regenerative agriculture and excitement to participate in our projects by receiving rock powders to restore their soils.

There was a sense of hope and excitement as everyone mingled, danced and shared their exhilaration. Guests at the beautiful grounds of the Águas de São Pedro were treated to delicious Brazilian barbecue by Chefs of Fubá Cozinha Itinerante, music by DJ Paina and live music from the band, the Esculhambas.

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